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Perfect Omega Xeraimus suit by exuitirteiss
Perfect Omega Xeraimus suit

There are still some details that aren't on the suit yet and I got so tired and sore..I just took this picture to show off pretty much the entire costume 
I could not get the entire thing in the image sadly because the tail is that long... 
anyway do tell me your thought's of it thus far. After I rest up a bit I will continue to add on the final details and...then put more rubber on and then put the primer on and then finally PAINT it.
X-I Costume head update by exuitirteiss
X-I Costume head update
Here is the second picture I mentioned. Anyway that's all I am sharing right now until later on today I hope you all like what you see here.
X-I suit head Update by exuitirteiss
X-I suit head Update
Fixed that fucking..head its still LARGE but at least I am satisfied with the overall look. I am now putting the head on the body and finishing up the final details later on today guaranteed I will show off the entire suit.
I have one more snap shot of the head. This and the other picture I am about to post is more then likely to go into the scraps later.

My weekend was bullshit, I hurt myself multiple times working on that abomination of a kaiju suit. Got burned pretty bad from the glue, hurt my back, my arms and hands.

Yeah pretty much what I did all weekend was work on that..and go through my problematic phase that I go to through oh I fought like hell I did  to stop it I think I did good this time but sadly it is slowly but surely winning this battle. I, have classified myself BI-Polar now I have no right to make such a diagnoses when clearly I do not have a degree in psychology so officially I have no idea what is wrong with my mentally.

All I know is this depression it rules my life and its  sucking the life out of me so to speak. Just going to say I am not doing very well.....
tried to ignore it tried to mask it with  fake smiles but all I am doing is not dealing with the problem and I don't think i can alone..
I am extremely stressed out and angry....


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am an american Kaiju/super robot artist who loves to bring weirdness and awesome to the world..

Well sort of robot..artist still practicing machine design.

Hi everyone this is Jennifer.M.Miller speaking on behalf of the EXM team!

I made up this franchise to sooth myself and for hobby purposes.

God Of Monsters is a franchise made by me and me alone so if you see anyone using my pictures or characters with out my said consent do note me here or send me an e-mail at

I consider my art style to be a mixture of japanese kaiju and super robot ( because I love both things so much!) ( Update I realized
my style of so called robots doesn't look mechanical at all but it looks biological? I clearly need more practice...)

and I also consider my art style a supreme muscle style ( over muscled god monsters) something around those lines. either way I love what I draw and nothing can ever change that<3 ( Sort of... I only draw to escape my cruel reality...)

Stay Rawsome! or stay...lame which ever you prefer.

I now have a Deviantart profolio !…

Heh like that's an accomplishment...

X-I wiki page!!!…

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CHOBI-PHO Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
hey thanks again for the fav! i really REALLY appreciate it!~
awesome gallery btw!! keep it up!!! :happybounce:
Mrtdark1 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
Do you take requests?
exuitirteiss Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No I don't take request.
Archiemonty Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
Sorry about the STUPID capslock on the post of your one photo :/
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cheer up
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