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Locness Monsta by exuitirteiss
Locness Monsta
I don't know I just drew this at random. Massive Locness attacking a cruise ship or something I don't know for all I know she could be just saying hi to the ship.
Either way new art new character perhaps?

Also 13-12 more days until Halloween YA'LL!!
One more thing I will be sharing my costume off this week yes you read right no more teasing its time to show it off!

The locness kaiju!
Well God Of Monsters has been on the back burner for some time do to me not having a editor for the book. And the series needs professional editing.And, I don't have the money to hire one so making a kick-starter to get the book published and so on seems to be the best course of action I can take at the moment. I'm not exactly sure how kick-starter even works so I will have to look into that.

In other news I will be posting more art as soon as I am done working on this behemoth of a costume. I ran into some errors with the legs and upper chest so I had to re-position them and fix some of the details that were off. Yeah, I had to rework the costume again so that threw me back some percentage of development but I promise as of right now the legs are in proper position and are fixed now as for the upper body I am working on that today. All and all if I keep up at this pace I should be finished by the weekend guaranteed. All though the costume won't have color , my mother said I cannot paint it in the to it being spray paint it can be extremely hazardous if inhaled.

So I await another sunny day that's if we get one because its already starting to get cold here I mean yeah right now its around 60 degrees but by the weekend that's going to change so this really makes it difficult to complete the costume I mean would love to paint it in my room but I would be risking my life..ahem anyway just wanted to give you all an update on that.

Also again I apologize I don't have smash bros so...I can't play with you guys okay. And Probably won't be getting Pokemon Omega Ruby either do to lack of income.
Its all good I will get it eventually just going to take some time to obtain unless some people over here would like to commission me so I can buy both games? Lol highly unlikely..=X

Anywho, also want to update all my Xeraimus fan's about CKC my collaboration is coming up I will be in the next batch that's right ( so Simon says) we shall see what happens either way Matt Franks take on the character is coming up I will update you all once I am e-mailed.

You read right I am almost done constructing my suit sadly its going to rain all this week so I won't be able to take costume once again outside to paint. =/
But anyway very excited that this has come this far and that I can say I MADE THAT. Yes I can. My very own kaiju suit how many people get to say that? =)
Here are the size specs

Height: 6-7ft
Tail length: 8-10ft


Anyway I'm off to continue work on it!

Should I be alarmed if a mole on my body changes from black to an entirely different color...say for example gray and brown? Awhile ago like a couple years ago back when we lived in California I told my mother about a mole of mines that changed color at one time it was black and it was small..and now its rather large and well not black at the time I told her it was grey now checking again after all this time it is now brown and well just plain odd....

again should I be worried?
Primal Xeraimus Colors by exuitirteiss
Primal Xeraimus Colors
Yes, this is a image you all have seen before. But! It has color now I am trying to improve with my coloring so I tested out Cs5 brushes and then went back into sai to add further details.

What do you all think? Is it an improvement at all?

Could have put a background..but I forgot *sigh* whatever...


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am an american Kaiju/super robot artist who loves to bring weirdness and awesome to the world..

Well sort of robot..artist still practicing machine design.

Hi everyone this is Jennifer.M.Miller speaking on behalf of the EXM team!

I made up this franchise to sooth myself and for hobby purposes.

God Of Monsters is a franchise made by me and me alone so if you see anyone using my pictures or characters with out my said consent do note me here or send me an e-mail at

I consider my art style to be a mixture of japanese kaiju and super robot ( because I love both things so much!) ( Update I realized
my style of so called robots doesn't look mechanical at all but it looks biological? I clearly need more practice...)

and I also consider my art style a supreme muscle style ( over muscled god monsters) something around those lines. either way I love what I draw and nothing can ever change that<3 ( Sort of... I only draw to escape my cruel reality...)

Stay Rawsome! or stay...lame which ever you prefer.

I now have a Deviantart profolio !…

Heh like that's an accomplishment...

X-I wiki page!!!…

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